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Ephebopus murinus (Skeleton Leg) 0.75" | 4" FEMALES

Ephebopus murinus (Skeleton Leg) 0.75" | 4" FEMALES

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The Ephebopus murinus (Skeleton Leg) is a New World fossorial with striking patterns down its legs. These alabaster white markings give this species its common name. The Skeleton Leg has a carapace that looks like fresh straw and a light black abdomen with straw-colored flecks on its hairs.

Species: murinus
Genus: Ephebopus
Subfamily: Psalmopoeinae
Identified: Walckenaer, 1837
Common Name: Skeleton Leg
Origin: Brazil
Lifestyle: Obligate Burrower
Max Size:  5”


WC* These are wild-caught specimens (3/4" FEMALES, 0.75" are CB). They have been inspected closely and appear to be in good health. However, wild caught specimens generally present additional risk to health and longevity. Any other spiders not listed as WC are strictly Captive Bred.