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Got my second spider from the Spider Shoppe and it's great. You can't beat the Spider shoppe. Give them a try and see how great they are. Thanks Tyler!!

Vinnie R., submitted via email for use on site

Incredible service throughout the entire process. Their selection and prices are amazing; honestly like the Costco of T’s. The packaging was on point and all my T’s arrived safe and healthy. Will definitely be ordering more in the near future!

Michael M.D., submitted via FB Review

I received my babies today, safe and sound! Definitely recommend them for future Tarantula’s! The response was so quick after placing my order it took me by surprise. Normally you have to wait a day or two, not this place they are on it! Confirmed shipping details the same night I placed my order. All five Tarantula’s were healthy and as pictured. Thanks again!

Marisa R., submitted via FB review