Purchase through the Spider Shoppe is contingent upon agreement with the following terms: 


Our goal is to offer convenient and reliable retail distribution of healthy spiders. We aim to “keep ‘em coming back”. So please - if you are ever dissatisfied give us a chance to make it right!


All animals offered for sale come with a 100% LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE (LAG). This means that when you place an order for overnight shipping, they are guaranteed to arrive ALIVE. This is GUARANTEED, without exceptions*. This means we will honor your purchase even in the event of:   

  1. Carrier delay - LAG COVERED
  2. Carrier damage to package - LAG COVERED
  3. Carrier fault – lost or missing packages - LAG COVERED

In the unfortunate event of any Dead on Arrival (DOA), to make a claim:

  1. Please contact us by email/text - this should be done within a reasonable amount of time (same day). 
  2. Please provide photos as evidence of DOA.
  3. We may request the specimens be returned at the expense of buyer. 

In the event compensation for LAG is appropriate, the buyer has a few options:

  1. Return of cost of spider(s)
  2. Store credit for amount of spider(s)
  3. Replacement of identical spider(s)

We will honor your LAG with FREE SHIPPING. The risk of shipping and LAG is 100% on us! If there is any issue with your shipment - WE WILL COVER!

*Orders cannot be delivered to gated communities - please be prepared to pick up your order from a FedEx center if you live within a gated community

*Delivery cannot be adjusted/updated by the recipient - this often causes a delay and goes against the original shipping plan for which we offer LAG

*Free shipping of replacement DOA does not apply to freebie items. Only paid items. We are happy to replace freebie items on future orders. 


Please pay for shipping when you check out. We offer flat rates, depending on your location within the USA. We ONLY ship to continental USA. If shipping is not covered during checkout, a refund on your order will be issued. 

Orders must meet the minimum $50 to be eligible for shipping. Orders not meeting the minimum will be charged a $10 box fee. This helps to cover materials and labor time. 

We contact all buyers via text message, often minutes after orders are placed and certainly within 12 hours or so. We will arrange a shipping date depending on your preference, weather permitting.

We ship live animals on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday only. This is due to FedEx service availability and the safety of the animals. "Overnight Shipping" does not mean you will receive your order next day. This only means we utilize FedEx's most expedited shipping service which minimizes transport time to as few as 12 hours. This is for the safety of the animals. 

Low temperatures - We can send to residential addresses so long as the 'low temp' on delivery day is 32 F or higher. We can send to hub with temps as low as 25 F. 

High temperatures - We can send to residential addresses so long as the 'high temp' on delivery day does not exceed 85 F. We can send to hub with temps as high as 100 F. 

We send via FedEx Priority overnight. Unfortunately, there are occasional delayed shipments. This is surely an inconvenience for our buyers. There is nothing we can do, despite having paid for the overnight service. We regret this occurrence. However, we do guarantee live arrival even in event of carrier delay. This issue is industry-wide and unavoidable sadly. Our delay rate lately has been roughly 5% of our packages. 

Packages are generally sent without requiring a signature. 


If you are able, we offer local pick-up in Tacoma, WA. Please select local pick-up at check out and get with us about picking up your order. Please plan to pick up your order within 7 days – and contact us about when. This includes weekday evenings and/or weekends. 

We would not be here today if it were not for the awesome local PNW community! You know who you are!


If necessary, you may cancel your order as late as Sunday eve, before shipping on Monday. Canceling orders creates extra labor on our end, and it reduces available stock for others that may be interested, so please be sure you are committed when purchasing. 


Spider Shoppe assumes no liability for damages, or the harm that might result from possession of these wild animals. Please do your research before making any purchases and be prepared for the risks and care associated with the various specimens offered.


LAST UPDATED: 12/19/2022

12/19/22: Added exceptions to Live Arrival Guarantee including addresses which are within gated communities and instances of customer initiated shipping adjustments/updates

4/5/22: Updated shipping terms - weather restrictions for high temps

2/13/22: Updated shipping terms - removed shipping schedule and noted our contacting buyers for shipping dates, as well as weather restrictions for shipping, FedEx delays