Gekko vittatus (White-Lined Gecko) 5"

Gekko vittatus (White-Lined Gecko) 5"

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Diet: Crickets and other live bugs, gecko mix


Housing: An arboreal oriented enclosure is suitable. Offer cork bark and other woods for climbing surfaces. Adorn with foliage and other materials for hiding. Keep water a water dish accessible. Use a hygrometer – keep humidity near 70%. Multiple females can be housed together, but males may engage in territorial behaviors.


Temperament: Low bite risk, however handling may be difficult due to their nervousness – they may wish to flee.


Heat: 75 F, room temperatures can be sufficient but temps of 75 – 80 will promote growth and activity. Use a heat mat, or ceramic heat emitter.


Lighting: As nocturnal species, these geckos do not require uvb, basking, or other lighting elements. Some will use a red light for night-time viewing.

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