Eurydactylodes agricolae (Bauer's Chameleon Gecko) 3" | Adult Male
Eurydactylodes agricolae (Bauer's Chameleon Gecko) 3" | Adult Male

Eurydactylodes agricolae (Bauer's Chameleon Gecko) 3" | Adult Male

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Captive Bred in PNW


Welcome to the captivating realm of the Bauer's Chameleon Gecko! These unique and enchanting reptiles originate from the stunning rainforests of New Caledonia, a beautiful island chain located in the Pacific Ocean. With their vibrant colors, remarkable appearance, and captivating behavior, Bauer's Chameleon Geckos are a true marvel of nature.

Care Requirements:
Caring for Bauer's Chameleon Geckos is an adventure in itself! Here's what you'll need to provide for these incredible pets:

Enclosure: A terrarium with dimensions of at least 12x12x18 inches is recommended to provide ample space for your gecko to explore. Ensure proper ventilation and include plenty of branches, plants, and hiding spots to create a natural and stimulating environment.

Temperature and Humidity: Maintain a temperature gradient within the enclosure, ranging from 72-82°F (22-28°C) during the day and slightly cooler at night. Humidity levels should be kept around 60-70% to mimic their native rainforest habitat. Use a hygrometer and a thermostat to monitor and regulate these conditions.

Lighting: Provide a 12-hour light and dark cycle using a combination of UVB lighting and a heat source, such as a low-wattage basking bulb. This ensures your gecko receives essential UVB rays for calcium metabolism and overall well-being.

Substrate: A mix of organic soil, coconut fiber, and sphagnum moss creates a suitable substrate that holds moisture and allows for burrowing. This natural substrate helps maintain humidity levels while providing a comfortable surface for your gecko.

Diet: Bauer's Chameleon Geckos are insectivores, primarily feeding on small invertebrates like crickets, roaches, and fruit flies. Offer a variety of gut-loaded and vitamin-dusted insects to ensure a balanced diet. Additionally, provide a shallow dish of fresh water for drinking and occasional misting for hydration.

Why Choose Bauer's Chameleon Gecko as a Pet?

Unique Appearance: With their stunning colors, intricate patterns, and unusual body shape, Bauer's Chameleon Geckos are a visual delight. Their large eyes and prehensile tails add to their charm and make them a fascinating addition to any reptile collection.

Relatively Small Size: Bauer's Chameleon Geckos reach an adult length of around 4-5 inches (10-13 cm), making them a manageable and space-efficient pet. They are ideal for reptile enthusiasts who prefer smaller-sized companions.

Low Maintenance: Compared to some other reptiles, Bauer's Chameleon Geckos require relatively less space and have straightforward care requirements. They are an excellent choice for both experienced reptile keepers and those new to the world of reptile ownership.

Docile and Tolerant: While individual personalities can vary, Bauer's Chameleon Geckos are generally known for their calm and gentle demeanor. They can be handled with care and will often become comfortable with their human caregivers over time.

Fascinating Behavior: These geckos exhibit fascinating behavior, including their ability to change colors based on their mood and surroundings. Watching them stalk their prey, climb vertical surfaces, and use their prehensile tail for balance is an absolute delight!

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Bauer's Chameleon Geckos and bring the beauty of New Caledonia's rainforests into your home. With their captivating appearance, manageable size, and unique behaviors, these geckos are sure to provide any keeper a satisfying experience. 

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