Chelonoidis carbonarius (Red-Foot Tortoise) 3"

Chelonoidis carbonarius (Red-Foot Tortoise) 3"

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Diet: Allow for a variety of plants and vegetables, such as: leafy greens, dandelion, lettuce, endive, kale, cabbage, parsley, hibiscus, cactus pads, figs, mushrooms, pumpkin squash, melon, hays, grass. Calcium additives should be used regularly.


Housing: High-humidity tortoise to be housed on mulch mix substrates. Offer water dish and hides.  


Temperament: Passive and non-territorial. Slightly aggressive during breeding season. Great for kids.


Heat: The animal should have access to an area of its enclosure which reached 85 – 90 F, while the rest of the tank is 75 – 80 F. This can be achieved with a ceramic heat emitter to maintain humidity.  


Lighting: Red foots naturally bask and receive lots of uvb, so this is a vital for any set up. Heat lamps can be used in place of ceramic heat emitters.  

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