*SHOPPE WEST SPECIAL* Orders of $250 or more will receive FREE 0.75" Avicularia braunshauseni aka Goliath Pink-Toe (Offer valid until 8/7/21, $225 before ship)

Shoppe West or East Coast!

We've recently added a new location! We are now shipping from both the West Coast and the East Coast. This will benefit our customers with an even broader selection and potentially reduce your shipping costs! Expect the same great service and guarantees. 

Keep in mind - if your cart contains items from each Shoppe you will be prompted to pay shipping from both. You might prefer to make a selection from one Shoppe to keep shipping costs low. We've split up the store to make this as simple as possible for you. Where will you Shoppe?



West Coast - Click HERE

Our initial offerings originated in the beautiful PNW. If you live in WA you may benefit from reduced shipping from here. You might also find spiderlings we have produced. We add to our inventory weekly. Keep checking back for new stock!


East Coast - Click HERE

If you live in the greater NE, you may benefit from reduced shipping from this Shoppe. Check out our diverse offerings on species you won't find anywhere else!