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  • Acanthoscurria cf sternalis
  • Acanthoscurria ferina 0.25"
  • Acanthoscurria geniculata (Brazilian Giant White-Knee) 0.33" | 1.5" | 4" FEMALES
  • Acanthoscurria simoensi 0.33"
  • Acanthoscurria sp 'Balcozna' (sternalis) 0.75"
  • Acanthoscurria sp 'Maldonadensis' (Maldonado Bird-Eater) .5"
  • Amazonius germani ex: Pseudoclamoris gigas (Orange Tree Spider) 0.75"
  • Avicularia braunshauseni (Goliath Pink Toe) 0.75-1"
  • Avicularia cf. purpurea (Colombia) 0.5-0.75" | 2"
  • Avicularia geroldi (Brazilian Blue Pink Toe) 1"
  • Avicularia rufa (Yellow-Banded Pink Toe) 0.75"
  • Avicularia sp 'Equador' 0.75"
  • Avicularia sp 'Peru Purple' (Peru Purple Pink-Toe) 0.5"
  • Avicularia variegata (bicegoi) (Red-Brick Pink Toe) 0.75"